Mimetic Theory and Islam (gebundenes Buch)

'The Wound Where Light Enters'
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This volume explores the 'Mimetic Theory' of the cultural theorist René Girard and its applicability to Islamic thought and tradition. Authors critically examine Girard's assertion about the connection between group formation, religion, and 'scapegoating' violence. These insights, Girard maintained, have their source in biblical revelation. Are there parallels in other faith traditions, especially Islam? To this end, Muslim scholars and scholars of Mimetic Theory have examined the hypothesis of an 'Abrahamic Revolution.' This is the claim that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam each share in a spiritual and ethical historical 'breakthrough:' a move away from scapegoating violence, and towards a sense of justice for the innocent victim.
Michael Kirwan is a Jesuit priest who taught theology at Heythrop College (University of London), and is now an associate professor at the Loyola Institute, Trinity College, Dublin. He is the author of Discovering Girard (2004), and Girard and Theology (2009). Ahmad Achtar taught Islamic Studies at Heythrop College, and is currently a research associate at the School of Advancd Study (University of London).