Biological Rhythms (kartoniertes Buch)

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Interest in biological rhythms has been traced back more than 2,500]ears to Archilochus, the Greek poet, who in one of his fragments suggests ",(i,(VWO'KE o'olos pv{}J.tos txv{}pW7rOVS ~XH" (recognize what rhythm governs man) (Aschoff, 1974). Reference can also be made to the French student of medicine J. J. Virey who, in his thesis of 1814, used for the first time the expression "horloge vivante" (living clock) to describe daily rhythms and to D. C. W. Hufeland (1779) who called the 24-hour period the unit of our natural chronology. However, it was not until the 1930s that real progress was made in the analysis of biological rhythms; and Erwin Bunning was encouraged to publish the first, and still not outdated, monograph in the field in 1958. Two years later, in the middle of exciting discoveries, we took a breather at the Cold Spring Harbor Symposium on Biological Clocks. Its survey on rules considered valid at that time, and Pittendrigh's anticipating view on the temporal organization of living systems, made it a milestone on our way from a more formalistic description of biological rhythms to the understanding of their structural and physiological basis.
InhaltsangabeI Introduction.- 1 A Survey on Biological Rhythms.- 2 Methodology.- 3 Data Analysis.- 4 Mathematical Models.- II Daily Rhythms.- 5 Circadian Systems: General Perspective.- 6 Freerunning and Entrained Circadian Rhythms.- 7 Circadian Systems: Entrainment.- 8 Behavioral Rhythms in Invertebrates.- 9 Neural and Endocrine Control of Circadian Rhythmicity in Invertebrates.- 10 Genetics and Development of Circadian Rhythms in Invertebrates.- 11 Vertebrate Behavioral Rhythms.- 12 Internal Temporal Order.- 13 Neural and Endocrine Control of Circadian Rhythms in the Vertebrates.- 14 Ontogeny of Circadian Rhythms.- 15 Adaptive Daily Strategies in Behavior.- 16 Clock-Controlled Orientation in Space.- 17 The Circadian System of Man.- 18 Rhythms in Performance.- III Tidal, Lunar, and Annual Rhythms.- 19 Tidal and Lunar Rhythms.- 20 Annual Rhythms: Perspective.- 21 Circannual Systems.- 22 Insect Photoperiodism.- 23 Photoperiodism in Vertebrates.- 24 Annual Rhythms in Man.- IV Rhythms Not Directly Related to Environmental Cycles.- 25 Short-Term Rhythms in Activity.- 26 Temporal Characteristics of Sleep.- 27 Cyclic Function of the Mammalian Ovary.