Monitoring and Intervention for the Critically Ill Small Animal (kartoniertes Buch)

The Rule of 20
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Monitoring and Intervention for the Critically Ill Small Animal: The Rule of 20 offers guidance for assessing the patient, interpreting diagnostic test results, and selecting appropriate monitoring procedures. * Based on Rebecca Kirby's time-tested Rule of 20, with a chapter devoted to each item on the checklist * Provides comprehensive guidance for monitoring a critically ill small animal patient * Emphasizes the interplay of each parameter with one another * Designed for fast access on the clinic floor, with potentially life-saving ideas, tips, lists and procedures * Presents tables, schematics, algorithms, and drawings for quick reference
Rebecca Kirby, DVM, DACVIM, DACVECC, was formerly an Associate Professor and Director of Emergency Services at the University of Pennsylvania, and served as owner of the Animal Emergency Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA for 21 years. Andrew Linklater, DVM, DACVECC, was trained at the Animal Emergency Center and is currently a Clinical Instructor at Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.