Introduction to Sociological Theory (E-Book, PDF)

eBook - Theorists, Concepts, and their Applicability to the Twenty-First Century
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The extensively revised and updated second edition combines carefully chosen primary quotes with wide-ranging discussion and everyday illustrative examples to provide an in-depth introduction to classical and contemporary sociological theory.

  • Combines classical and contemporary theory in a single, integrated text
  • Short biographies and historical timelines of significant events provide context to theorists' ideas
  • Innovatively builds on excerpts from original theoretical writings with detailed discussion of the concepts and ideas under review
  • Includes new examples of current social processes in China, South Korea, India, Latin America, the Middle East, and other non-Western societies
  • Additional resources, available at, include multiple choice and essay questions, PowerPoint slides with multimedia links to content illustrative of sociological processes, a list of complementary primary readings, a quotation bank, and other background materials
Michele Dillonis Professor of Sociology at the University of New Hampshire and has many years of experience teaching sociological theory to undergraduate and graduate students. Her previous publications includeHandbook of the Sociology of Religion(ed.) (2003),In the Course of a Lifetime: Tracing Religious Belief, Practice, and Change(with Paul Wink) (2007), andAmerican Catholics in Transition(with W. DAntonio and M. Gautier) (2013).
List of Boxed Features xiList of FiguresAcknowledgments xiiiHow to Use This Book xviIntroduction: Welcome to Sociological Theory 1Analyzing Social Life 4Societal Transformation and the Origins of Sociology 12The Establishment of Sociology 17The Sociological Craft in the Nineteenth Century 23Summary 27Glossary 281 Karl Marx 31Expansion of Capitalism 33Marxs Theory of History 35Human Nature 40Capitalism as a Distinctive Social Form 42Wage-Labor 48The Division of Labor and Alienation 52Economic Inequality 59Ideology and Power 62Summary 71Glossary 722 Emile Durkheim 77Durkheims Methodological Rules 80The Nature of Society 84Societal Transformation and Social Cohesion 89Traditional Society 89Modern Society 92Social Conditions of Suicide 98Religion and the Sacred 106Summary 111Glossary 1123 Max Weber 115Sociology: Understanding Social Action 118Culture and Economic Activity 119Ideal Types 126Social Action 127Power, Authority, and Domination 133Social Stratification 142Modernity and Competing Values 145Summary 148Glossary 1494 Talcott Parsons and Robert Merton: Functionalism and Modernization 153

Talcott Parsons 154The Social System 156Socialization and Societal Integration 158Social Differentiation, Culture, and the Secularization of Protestantism 160Pattern Variables 163Modernization Theory 167Stratification and Inequality 169Robert Mertons Middle-Range Theory 172Parsonss Legacy: Varied DirectionsSummary 176Glossary 1785 Critical Theory: Technology, Culture, and Politics 181Dialectic of Enlightenment 187Mass Culture and Consumption 192Politics: Uniformity and Control199Jurgen Habermas: The State and Society 201Summary 208Glossary 2106 Conflict, Power, and Dependency in Macro-Societal Processes 215Ralf Dahrendorfs Theory of Group Conflict 216C. Wright Mills 220Dependency Theory: Neo-Marxist Critiques of Economic Development 225Summary 231Glossary 2337 Exchange, Exchange Network, and Rational Choice Theories 235Exchange Theory 236Exchange Network TheoryActor Network Theory 242Rational Choice Theory 246Analytical Marxism 251Summary 253Glossary 2548 Symbolic Interactionism 257Development of the Self through Social Interaction 258The Premises of Symbolic Interactionism 263Erving Goffman: Society as Ritualized Social Interaction 265Symbolic Interactionism and Ethnographic Research 279Summary 280Glossary 2819 Phenomenology and Ethnomethodology 285Phenomenology 286Ethnomethodology 298Summary 307Glossary 30810 Feminist Theories 311Consciousness of Womens Inequality 313Standpoint Theory: Dorothy Smith and the Relations of Ruling 316MasculinityPatricia Hill Collins:Black Womens Standpoint 327Sociology of Emotion 335Arlie Hochschild: Emotional Labor 336Summary 344Glossary 34511 Michel Foucault:Sexuality, the Body, and Power 349Michel Foucault 350Sexuality and Queer Theory 360Summary 367Glossary 36812 Race, Racism, and the Construction of Racial Otherness 371Racial Otherness 373Social Change, Race, and Racism 377Slavery, Colonialism, and Racial Formation 381William Du Bois: Slavery and Racial Inequality 384Race and Class 388Race, Community, and Democracy 390Culture and the New Racism 396Summary 400Glossary 40113 The Social Reproduction of Inequality 405Pierre Bourdieus Theory of Class and Culture Social Stratification 406Family and School in the Production of Cultural Capital 410Taste and Everyday Practices 414Summary 424Glossary 42514 Economic and Political Globalization What is Globalization? 454Economic Globalization 456Immanuel Wallerstein: The Modern World-System 457Contemporary Economic Globalizing Processes 463Globalizing Political Processes: The Changing Authority of the Nation-State Migration and Political Mobilization in a Transnational World 483Summary 447Glossary 44815 Modernities, Cosmopolitanism, and Global Consumer CultureContrite ModernityMultiple ModernitiesGlobal Risk SocietyCosmopolitan ModernityThe Global Expansion of Human RightsGlobal Consumer CultureSummary GlossaryGlossarySociological Theorists and their Key WritingsReferencesIndex
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