OpenGL Cookbook

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Brad Grantham is an industry veteran with 11 years of experience programming with OpenGL. Brad is currently a senior Software Engineer at Palm, Inc., working on the next generation of Palm devices. Prior to Palm, Brad was one of the lead OpenGL performance engineers at Silicon Graphics Computer Systems, Inc., helping developers achieve the maximum performance from their applications. Brad is also a widely recognized expert in the computer graphics community, including presenting various courses on OpenGL at the prestigious SIGGRAPH annual conference, including helping to author the first advanced OpenGL techniques course, and giving talks at other developer conferences.Dave Shreiner is a computer graphics specialist at ARM, Inc. He's been working with OpenGL since its inception at Silicon Graphics Computer Systems (SGI). During his 15-year tenure at SGI, he authored the first commercial OpenGL training course, co-authored the OpenGL programming guide and reference manuals, and engineered OpenGL drivers for a multitude of different systems.Dave's been working in the computer graphics industry for the past two decades, where he's authored applications for flight simulators, scientific visualization, production animation, and numerous other disciplines. Also passionate about educating programmers about OpenGL and computer graphics, he's presented lectures and short courses at conference world wide, including SIGGRAPH and the Games Developer Conference.